Crime-fighting Radio Scheme Introduced

Crime-fighting Radio Scheme Introduced

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A brand new digital radio system is in operation across the town centre, funded by the Keighley BID (Business Improvement District). The digital radios replace their old analogue counterparts and allow businesses to communicate with each other, town centre officers, and the CCTV control room, to help combat crime.

Ann Fitzgerald, manager of The Fragrance Shop, said the new radio was a welcome help in the fight against theft, allowing instant communication which is vital to catch a thief before they leave the immediate area.

The previous system wasn’t fully utilised because of the cost associated for businesses, who had to rent their radio, costing upwards of £300 a year. The new system is sponsored by the Keighley BID, a company funded by a levy on businesses across the town centre. A limited number of radios are available to all BID member businesses free of charge. As supplies are limited the scheme is operating on a first come first served basis.

The radios can be used not only to catch criminals, but to prevent theft before it happens by increasing vigilance. Shopkeepers can warn the whole town centre when they spot anything suspicious. The radios are a great step in the fight against crime.

Keighley businesses who would like to receive their own radio should contact the BID at 01535 618 085.

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